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Finding Her Fit

Finding Her Fit


29-year-old Annie Hoskins says she struggled with her weight since she was a teenager, but over the years things had really begun to escalate. As a young wife, dog mom, and elementary art teacher, she knew that losing weight and developing healthier lifestyle habits was something she’d need to achieve if she wanted to look and feel her best.

“I struggled through many forms of dieting and nothing was going to be sustainable for the long-term,” said Annie. “Once I got to the point where I was needing injections in my knees for pain, I knew I needed to do something.”

Annie sought help from Robin Goff, APRN, who at the time was her primary care physician, and worked with him on non-surgical forms of weight loss interventions which included developing a diet and exercise program and utilizing certain medications. This process aided Annie in losing an initial 30 pounds.

“The foundation for weight loss is diet and exercise, so that is where we start,” explained Robin Goff, APRN, Non-Surgical Weight Loss Specialist at Cumberland Bariatric Institute (CBI). “I discuss with them why each is important to be successful throughout this journey. Each patient does a reduced calorie diet and I help them determine the appropriate amount of caloric intake they should follow in order to help them lose.”

Once the foundation of diet and exercise has been established, medications and surgery are then discussed with Robin in order to determine what route is best for each specific patient.

“Medication is not a ‘fix’ for weight loss, but rather, it’s a tool to help with dieting,” said Robin Goff, “Certain factors such as eating habits, lifestyle, existing health issues, current medications, and insurance coverage are taken into consideration before a plan is established.”

Though this initial phase was a great start for Annie, she ultimately decided she wanted to discuss with Robin the possibility of having weight loss surgery.

“When I approached Robin about wanting to try weight loss surgery, he referred me for a consultation with Dr. Joseph Eid at CBI,” said Annie. “Once meeting Dr. Eid, I could tell that he was very matter of fact and was going to be straight to the point with me, which is what I needed. He was very genuine and thoroughly answered every question I had.”

Seeking weight-loss through bariatric surgery can be a lengthy process. During the initial consultation with Dr. Eid, minimally invasive general and bariatric surgeon, and Myra Frye, MBS Clinical Coordinator, Annie learned about the entire bariatric surgery process from initial medical weight management through long-term follow-up care. From there, medical screenings and tests, such as an Upper Gastrointestinal Series and psychological evaluation, are completed to ensure the surgery will be safe and effective. Nearly three months after her initial appointment, Annie was able to follow-up with Dr. Eid to discuss her surgery, schedule the procedure, and plan her follow-up care. She was placed on a two-week high protein, liquid diet prior to her surgery.

“After a few months of supervised medical weight management and vigorous preoperative medical testing, Annie and I discussed her surgical options,” said Dr. Eid. “She ultimately decided to move forward with a robotic sleeve gastrectomy.”

“Throughout the process, Myra was very supportive and was always willing to answer my phone calls,” stated Annie. “She was very well informed on my insurance and made sure we got things done efficiently.”

Annie’s robotic sleeve gastrectomy was completed by Dr. Eid on July 6, 2021. During this minimally invasive procedure, the size of the stomach is greatly reduced which limits the amount of food a patient can eat and allows levels of ghrelin – a hunger hormone – to decrease so the appetite is reduced, and weight loss is achieved. This surgery uses robotic-assisted technology which is associated with minimal post-operative pain and shorter recovery times.

“After surgery, follow-up appointments are scheduled at various milestones throughout the first year following the procedure in order to help guide patients through the major dietary and lifestyle changes they are going to have to make,” said Myra Frye. 

“I could not praise this office enough!” exclaimed Annie, “Dr. Eid and his staff made sure I had all the support I needed to be successful. I was never unsure of what I should be doing or what the next step of the process was. I am pretty sure I had Myra on speed dial after surgery because I was terrified that I was going to do something wrong, but she answered every time.”

annie after surgery

More than Just a Procedure

Two years post-surgery and Annie is down 210 pounds! She credits her success to CBI and the amount of support she had from everyone on the team before, during, and after surgery. Without their guidance, support, and accessibility, Annie doesn’t think she would have been able to accomplish what she did. And not only has she successfully made healthy lifestyle changes for herself, but her new habits have changed her husband’s life as well, who recently sought out weight loss surgery with CBI.

“Annie did very well before, during and after surgery,” said Dr. Eid. “When I saw Annie in 2023, she looked amazing and is still doing exceptional on this journey. This is a true commitment to a healthy lifestyle and we are so proud of her achievement!”

“This experience has affected my life in a major way. I have lost weight and am healthier, and now with my husband, have made major lifestyle changes to better our future as a married couple,” said Annie.

Annie encourages others who are seeking a similar weight loss transformation to book the initial consultation and learn more from the physicians and team that are providing care at CBI. The high-quality, personalized care enables patients to feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire process.

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