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From Struggle to Triumph

A Bariatric Surgery Journey to Health and Happiness

Becky before surgery

Rebecca Lynn Worley, is a 45-year-old resident of Eubank, KY. As a wife, mother of two daughters, and grandmother of two, she encountered a challenging period in 2021 when she contracted Covid and began experiencing menopause, resulting in a rapid weight gain of over 50lbs. Weighing 200 pounds at a height of 5'1" had a significant physical and mental toll on her, and despite trying various diets and prescribed diet pills, she saw no progress. After extensive research and contemplation, Rebecca realized that weight loss surgery was her best hope for a healthier future. In September 2022, Rebecca visited Cumberland Bariatric Institute, where Dr. Benjamin Stivers was recommended to her by her family doctor.

The Decision to Undergo Bariatric Surgery

Facing the challenges of obesity, Rebecca hesitated to consider weight loss surgery initially. However, after seeing no success with traditional weight loss methods, she realized it was her best chance at achieving long-term results. “Cumberland Bariatric Institute stood out to as a reputable and highly recommended facility”, states Rebecca. “It was backed by positive experiences from friends who had undergone surgeries performed by Dr. Eid and Dr. Stivers.”

The Journey with Cumberland Bariatric Institute

Upon visiting Cumberland Bariatric Institute, Rebecca was impressed by the promptness of their service. Within days of qualifying for the surgery through her insurance, Metabolic Coordinator Myra Frye, RN, scheduled all the necessary evaluations required before the surgery. The entire process moved swiftly, and on January 26, 2023, Rebecca underwent gastric sleeve surgery.

Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy or vertical sleeve gastrectomy, is a type of bariatric (weight loss) surgery that aims to help individuals with severe obesity achieve significant and sustained weight loss. The procedure involves permanently reducing the size of the stomach to promote feelings of fullness with smaller portions of food, leading to reduced calorie intake and weight loss. During the surgery, approximately 75% to 85% of the stomach is removed, leaving behind a slender, tube-like structure or "sleeve."

With the majority of the stomach removed, the newly created sleeve can hold much smaller amounts of food compared to the original stomach. This leads to a feeling of fullness with significantly reduced food intake, promoting weight loss. The surgery also alters hormonal signaling related to hunger and satiety. The part of the stomach removed during the surgery is responsible for producing ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite. As a result, patients often experience reduced feelings of hunger post-surgery.

Rebecca shared, “Throughout my interactions with Cumberland Bariatric Institute, I experienced nothing but professionalism, warmth, and support. The staff, from receptionists to doctors and nurses, always greeted me with kindness and were eager to address any queries I had. They provided me with comprehensive information about the surgery and post-surgery requirements, ensuring that I felt fully prepared for the journey ahead.”

Rebecca further commented on the billing staff within the office. “Cumberland Bariatric Institute's billing department deserves special commendation. They worked tirelessly to get my surgery approved by my insurance company, tackling the obstacles that arose during the process. Their persistent efforts and constant updates helped me navigate the approval process smoothly, ultimately leading to a successful surgery.”

The Transformation and Positive Outcomes

Since undergoing the gastric sleeve surgery, Rebecca’s life has undergone a remarkable transformation. She successfully shed the excess weight and more, giving her newfound energy to cherish precious moments with her grandchildren without feeling exhausted. The surgery has significantly improved her self-esteem, leading to a more positive outlook on life and increased self-confidence.

Notably, her family initially had concerns about the surgery. However, as they witnessed Rebecca’s positive results and the absence of complications, their worries were alleviated, and they now fully support her decision. “My parents eagerly anticipate observing the changes in me each passing week, inspired by the newfound vigor and happiness I exude,” Rebecca shares.

Because of the surgery and her commitment to following the doctor's advice, Rebecca says she looks better and feels better than ever. By adhering to the post-surgery guidelines, she successfully stopped taking blood pressure and depression medications, experiencing a significant improvement in her overall health and well-being. “Bariatric surgery has truly changed my life for the better,” said Rebecca.

Dr. Joseph Eid, bariatric surgeon, states, “Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery is a transformative journey that offers patients a new lease on life. By reducing the stomach's size, we not only promote weight loss but also pave the way for positive changes in overall health. It's an empowering step towards lasting well-being. Becky Worley and patients like her stand as living proof of the efficacy of this approach. Their success stories underscore the transformative impact of interventions like gastric sleeve surgery on achieving sustainable, healthier lives."

Becky after surgery

Encouragement and Advice

For anyone dissatisfied with their appearance or health due to excess weight, Rebecca wholeheartedly encourages bariatric surgery as a viable option. It's essential to remember that weight loss surgery is not a shortcut but a powerful tool that, along with hard work and dedication, can lead to a healthier and happier life. Rebecca comments, “Cumberland Bariatric Institute provided me with unwavering support, and I believe that, with the right guidance, anyone can become a better version of themselves.”

Rebecca’s journey with bariatric surgery at Cumberland Bariatric Institute has been nothing short of transformative. From the compassionate staff to the successful outcomes, the experience has left an indelible mark on her life. Today, she stands healthier, more energetic, and more confident, embracing each day with a smile. Rebecca concludes, “I am immensely grateful for the positive impact bariatric surgery has had on my life, and I hope that my testimonial can inspire others to take the necessary steps towards their own well-being and happiness.”

At Cumberland Bariatric Institute, we recognize the challenges of weight loss and its impact on health and well-being. We understand that the struggle to shed excess weight can affect physical health, overall quality of life, and self-perception. As pioneers in providing metabolic surgery to combat diabetes and obesity, we are committed to helping achieve lasting results.

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